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Price +VAT

VAT @ 20%
£650 + VAT (£130) = £780
£400 + VAT (£80) = £480
£300 + VAT (£60) = £360
Tour options will be priced & launched separately

Making a Booking
  • Select from the booking options to the right by clicking on the description you wish to book.
  • This will take you to a separate website to process your booking.  All bookings will receive a email confirmation, map and invoice. If not received, please check your spam or clutter folders.
  • Each person attending the conference - whether in part or full, needs to complete a booking.
  • Companions travelling with you but not attending the event do NOT need to complete a booking form.
  • Guests and companions can attend the House of Lords drinks reception, but you will need to complete a booking form for them ticking only the House of Lords reception option.
  • All bookings and data collection comply with GDPR regulations and our term of conditions, privacy notice and legal notice can be found on the contact us page.

Making an Enquiry
  • If you wish to register your interest or just to enquire about the event (and not make a booking), please use this link
  • This facility is mainly for international delegates who need to co-ordinate their event booking, flights and hotels.  We shall hold a no obligation place for you for 6 weeks to facilitate this.
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