Programme - Land Assembly Summit 2020

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Summit Programme
The conference is exclusively plenary sessions
Day 3 - Thursday 26 March 2020
Trips for international delegates
Day 2 - Wednesday 25 March 2020
09.30 - 16.45  Conference  
Day 1 - Tuesday 24 March 2020
09.30 - 16.30  Conference
18.30 - 20.30  House of Lords Drinks Reception
How is Compensation Dealt with in the US, Australia and South Africa
Delivering and Assessing Compensation in the UK - The Emergence of Independent Valuations
  • The role and key provision in the US Uniforms Relocation Act 1970 - preventing promoters manipulating land value and paying less
  • Valuation Principles and values
  • The role of the UK 1961 Land Compensation Act in creating compensation values
  • Valuers should not be negotiators
  • The consequences of not getting it right the first time
  • CPA proposals for reform

Heathrow Expansion - The Use of Development Consent Orders to Assemble Land
  • The need
  • The challenges
  • The approach towards engagement and negotiation in the DCO world.
  • Can the DCO process be brought to other land acquisition regimes?
  • Future processes
Future Infrastructure Needs for Cities - How Land Needs Will Vary in the Future
  • The economic imperative
  • Decay and Renewal are core drivers
  • Smart living, smart working - What will the future cities look like? How do we plan them?
  • Work/live in the community -v- commuting
  • Refocusing communities and economic strategies
  • Buildings and infrastructure built now - are they fit for the future?
  • Strategies of the National Infrastructure Commission
  • New urbanisation, community growth strategies and opening up land for use
  • The role of private enterprise with state initiatives
      • Panel Debate

      Case Study: Land Assembly to Deliver Mass Transport Schemes - HS2 -v- US and Dutch Projects
      • Is it a railway or regeneration scheme
      • Justification
      • Consenting arrangements
      • Challenges
      • Commercial exploitation to satisfy project funding
      • Engagement
      • Compelling case
      • Eminent Doman -v- CPO -v- Acquisition by Agreement
      • What can the UK learn for the future?
      • What is the UK direction of travel?

      Proposed Options:
      • Option 1     History and tour of London Southwark
      • Option 2     Old London and law and commerce
      • Option 3     Hop on hop off bus ticket
      • Option 4     Explore independently
      Acquiring Land and Rights For Public Projects - Compare and Contrast with North America and Elsewhere
      • Acquisition Processes and Procedures in the UK
      • The compelling public test
      • Compulsory Purchase Orders
      • Development Consent Orders
      • Transport and Works Orders
      • Hybrid/Private Bills in Parliament
      • Compensation provisions
      • Other powers from around the globe
      • What constitutes a "public use" project? The principle in Kelo v. City of New London
      • The power of Quick Take
      • Human Rights considerations in the US and UK
      • Bailiff powers

      Land Value Capture and Property Tax Burdens: The Grab of Land Value - The Good, The Bad and the Greedy
      • Various LVC schemes around the world
      • Making unviable schemes viable
      • Does LVC work?
      • Why LVC doesn't always work?
      • Strengths, weaknesses, unintended consequences
      • What are the success ingredients?
      • Who should pay for the new infrastructure?
      • Are developers and landowners already paying?
      • Is LVC fair and equitable?
      • Maximising the commercial value of the development
      • TIFF

      Project Review: 2012 London Olympics and East London Regeneration
      • Review of London 2012
      • The remit, priorities, legacy
      • Pushing the boundaries of best practice
      • Stresses & strains and lessons to avoid on other major schemes
      • Land Assembly: How did it go?
      • Compensation: What can be done better?

      What Can We Learn From Canada? Land Acquisition and Valuation Issues from a Canadian Perspective
      • Canada's land assembly has it's roots in Westminster but has evolved into a very different process
      • An overview of the property and legal framework in Canada, particularly as it relates to expropriation but also reference how the Quebec system is different
      • The different disciplines and how specialized they are in this area
      • How the projects are funded and procured
      • Case studies of different types of public infrastructure, their typical land acquisition programme, and where experts fit into this
      • Dealing with institutional (and other types of) owners
      • Land Value Capture in action
      • Funding models
      • Lessons for the UK

      Boat to the Palace of Westminster for the House of Lords Drinks Reception
      Hosted by Lord Lytton

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