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About London
London is a world city.  Its history began with foreigners - there was no settlement before the arrivals of the Romans.  Successive migrations and the resident popultaion helped build a city as a global place to worlk, live and play.  It could be argued to be the first global city, helped by its middle ages trading networks with much of Europe, and with the emergence of the British Empire it built its global reach and infleunce.  Post Empire, it remains a must go and stop for travellers and gap students, many of whom choose to stay.

There are so many different Londons; both now and through history.  Its truely cosmopolitan, and is a product of extremes.  Through history, its growing pains (some very severe and agonising) led to innovations in a wide specturum of human endeavours, from an interlectural, commerce, public health, political and institutions.  Politicians of today as faced with similar challenges, of effective transport, housing, health, poverty, of building and renewing communities, of fairness.  

The need for land, for developments and regeneration and for renewal are a key part in the delivery of solutions.  A fitting location for this agenda.  
London Southwark - London Bankside
London is a multitude of mircro centres or districts.  Each has its own character and its what makes London such a dynamic, varied and fascinating global city.  

Southwark was the second earliest established district of London, and London Bridge linked it with the city of London, and has a rich and colourful history.  Shakespeare's Globe theatre, Southwark Cathedral, Borough Market, the Golden Hind, an English galleon best known for her privateering circumnavigation of the globe between 1577 and 1580, captained by Sir Francis Drake.  Its linked with the city of London by Tower and Southwark Bridges.  Not only is it famous for its history, its also a major area of regeneration, for commerce and for living.  

The district is also known as Bankside - it the southbank of the River Thames.  Its the home of the Greater London Authority,  and the Shard is the tallest building in the European Union, the fifth-tallest building in Europe.  The area is a real mix of historical, modern, and boasts the recently completed London Bridge station refurbishment, which provides over 48 million journeys a year.

Delegates can live, breath and experience regeneration in the making. It's a blend that values the past and delivers a thriving, cosmopolitan and dynamic area of London.  For those that work in regeneration and land assembly, it's a living case study about land management and joined up creative property development.  

About the conference Venues

  • The conference hotel for international delegates will be ........
  • EY and Gowlings and the conference hotel are within easy walking distance of eachother.  
  • The House of Lords is a boat ride up the Thames; and those attending booking to attend the event will be able to travel by Thames Clipper to and from the drinks reception.

About EY

About Gowlings

About the House of Lords


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